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Stories shared in the TYS-group

The following stories are not public and can only be viewed by workshop participants.

My plans for the Future

All plans and dreams that I try to achieve in my future.GO TO THE STORY

Georgia’s Story

She tells us about her migration, asking for reflection on different life journeys.GO TO THE STORY

Amandine’s Story

She tells about her experience in Rome, studying in another country and new city.GO TO THE STORY

Peter’s Story

Once upon a time one boy for whom the world was the place where anyone can be a penguin and it could be the perfect planet for him to live GO TO THE ...

My name is Shannon and I am part of the Traveler community

Shannon is from the travelling community, who have their own culture. In their culture, children leave school very early in order to work. So, she ...


Léa is a person who has a lack of self-confidence and is difficult for her to trust people. She was a foster child and now she lives in a youth ...


Pierre has Portuguese roots from his father. He left school after he tried to obtain two different diplomas in high-school.He joined youth ...

Vincent’s story

Vincent used to live in a youth residence. He first dropped out of school without any diploma at 14 years old because of his repetitive absences and ...

Andrea’s Story

He speaks about his childhood and how volunteering activities help him to find his way.GO TO THE STORY

What am I up to?

The activities that I would rather do than this.GO TO THE STORY

My childhood

My story about how my family and I came to Austria and the hard time I had.GO TO THE STORY

My dream study – vet

Why I would like to study ro be a Vet and what I allready did to acheive my dream.GO TO THE STORY

Ratata / street / deer / accident / death

A short story about a roadtrip.GO TO THE STORY

The Accident

Brumm Brumm Drift KackputtGO TO THE STORY

My Cat

The story of how I got my cat. I love her and she is very important to me.GO TO THE STORY


What is important and what should I pay attention to, when I get a cat and why it is important to me to tell you.GO TO THE STORY

Pizzera and Jaus

How I visited concert of my favorite band.GO TO THE STORY


How photography is a part of my Life and why I love to taking pictures.GO TO THE STORY

Draem job – Baby Nurse

 I tell you about my dream job and why I maybe will never work as a baby nurse. GO TO THE STORY